“How do I build systems that are maintainable and scalable? How do I think about data flow in the system? How do I organize my servers and code to enforce security boundaries? How do I deploy it all in production? It seems like black magic. Where do I begin?”

It's not magic.

I'm Fred Ross. I've been building production software systems for over twenty years, from distributed data analysis systems to hardware control to web apps. I've dealt with customers, hired programmers, mentored young engineers, created documentation, set up development processes, and written lots and lots of code.

I was trained as a scientist, in physics and in biology, and I've applied those mental tools to organize what I have learned about writing software. Those models have served me and many others well. See if they're useful for you.

“I’m going to remember your advice for a long time, because I think it has improved my perspective and changed me as an engineer.”
—Lousanna Cai,
    Software engineer at Facebook
“Fred is that rare combination of extraordinary intelligence and a big heart. We learned computing and the Internet together in the early days.”
—Jim Tarvid,
    Owner of Logical Support, Inc.


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