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Last updated: May 13, 2020

My wife and I also run the Handwashing Poetry project, producing collections of poems the right length to read while scrubbing your hands.

Book cover

Monologue: A Comedy of Telepathy

Kidnapping, blackmail, slander; it’s business as usual for the telepathic elite of Minsland. Though the abduction of Alison Yewghast as part of a political dispute is unsurprising, no one expects the kidnappers’ telepathic blocker to thrust her into the mind of a young farmer. But Joseph Morton is no ordinary farm hand, and he must brave Minsland’s political intrigue and storm a castle in order to save the Machiavellian lady who is, for better or for worse, sharing his mind.

Selections from ten years of verse

I started writing verse sometime around 1999. In the intervening decade I produced a lot of material which shall never see the light of day if I’ve my druthers, and a few things which I think are tolerable. Here’s the latter.

Short stories

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