Immediate fixes needed to the US constitution

Status: Draft
Confidence: Very likely

The first principle of organizing society demonstrates some immediate fixes that need to be made to the US constitution:

Abolish the Senate. All its non-legislative duties devolve to the House of Representatives.
The Senate gives sixty times more representation to residents of Wyoming than to residents of California. In 2020, half the Senate represents only 15% of the population of the country. The Senate was a compromise to get the fractious states to approve the constitution in the 18th century. It has no purpose today.
Abolish the electoral college. The president is elected directly by all voters.
The electoral college makes
The federal government shall enforce good voting practices.
The states must make a reasonable attempt to register and provide mail in ballots to all citizens residing therein. The states will apportion representation by a mechanism that avoids conflict of interest with with parties and group seeking election. The federal government shall make and enforce laws to enforce this on all states.

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