August 2022 Endorsements for Washington state elections

This is an easy ballot. There is one choice for all but one vote, and I have a clear preference in that last one.

United States Senator: Patty Murray

If you’ve been in Washington for at least a few years, you know of Patty Murray. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a Trump cultist/white supremacist who doesn’t want her to stay in office. The worst I have heard anyone sane say against her is a specialist in education who agreed on the principles, but disagreed on specific details in education legislation that she has pushed.

United States Representative Congressional District No.9: Adam Smith

This is the race with a second possible candidate: Stephanie Gallardo. I like her positions, but in her Balletopedia entry she writes: “Too often, members of Congress have spent years “climbing” through various elected positions.” This I disagree with. There are skills you need. Adam Smith is sane and has those skills, and also holds a powerful position on the Armed Forces Committee, and I am very glad to have him there.

Secretary of State: Steve Hobbs

Steve Hobbs was appointed to fill the position when Kim Wyman was tapped to address election integrity at the federal level. He’s a solid choice. The only other even vaguely plausible candidate is Julie Anderson, but her track record of opposing adding more ballot boxes is disturbing. Marquez Tiggs hasn’t raised any money, though I look forward to seeing his work in the area. Everyone else running is a wingnut that wants to get rid of mail-in ballots.

Legislative District No.41 Representative Position No.1: Tana Senn

Tana Senn has continued to be sane and competent. Her only opponent is running for the “Election Integrity Party,” so we find ourselves voting for Tana additionally because she’s not a fascist.

Legislative District No.41 Representative Position No.1: My-Linh Thai

My-Linh Thai continues to be my pick for “Find the most energetic pitbull that shares your values and send them into the fray.” Her opponents are 1) a critical race theory conspiracy theorist that want to replace public education with charter schools, spent twenty years as a real estate speculator, and wants to stop funding public transit instead of putting all the money into cars, and 2) someone who wants to lock up all the homeless and make sure we live in a police state.