My novel

Monologue: A Comedy of Telepathy

Short stories

Annabell Lee
It is good to be hospitable to your neighbors, no matter how strange.
Dust bath
Dealing with your spouse’s bad day is a little different when they’re a were-chinchilla.
Elf publicity
“We’ve got to roll in thirty minutes. The fat one has scars all over his face. He’s no use. That thin one’s missing teeth. Make sure he doesn’t open his mouth. The one with the missing ear needs a hood, not a hat…” Yeah, the elves don’t actually work in that old tree anymore, but they still make the stuff. Besides the tree films better than the factory.
Ghast hunting
The ghast he was hunting was small. It must have barely imagined itself into existence under the house before he smelled it. He and Aggy had tackled much rougher ones, ghasts which had imagined all kinds of interactions with the world. Buy Aggy was gone, and it wasn’t the same without Aggy.
Going home to meet your boyfriend’s parents can be a very odd experience.
Yakob Ascher is an expert in forbidden computers. When a young engineer in the wilds of the Colorado territory is accused of building one, Ascher is sent to pass judgement on man and machine.
Moonlight in the club
Not all lycanthropes have the strength and ferocity to stalk the night of the full moon, but sitting at home alone as a small, furry creature isn’t much fun either.
What do you do when your daughter’s imaginary friend starts giving her really good advice?
The bar was almost empty, as usual in a big storm. I had unplugged the jukebox earlier so it wouldn’t interfere with the sound of the rain. The bald guy at the bar also seemed to like the thunder, but it never occurred to me that his interest might be professional…


A selection from ten years of verse.


Aspects of how you write dialogue act as a clock in your prose.